I am such a whore.

People are like vote for this person because blah blah blah. And I'm like ooh pretty picspam! Okay!

If I get fired from any of my jobs, it's totally FSCMMM's fault.

Also, I have NO Fringe icons because I haven't been on here in year. YAY, PROJECT!


It's that time of year again, people.

I come out of hiding for one thing. And one thing only.

And although I will vote for and picspam and post for her until the next round when until she undoubtedly gets taken down by Kara Fucking Thrace or Dana Awesome Pants Scully, OLIVIA DUNHAM, people.


She might be cancelled. This is some serious bizness right here.

let go

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More later when a few days have gone by...working on the picspams for tumblr!


i come out of hiding to say...

So I totally got sucked into f_march_madness (thanks, twitter!) and what was just casual following has turned into a crusade. A crusade for Lorelai Gilmore to win her category. I went to bed, she was winning, I wake up, she's not. It's all so very frustrating...and kind of awesome. And HILARIOUS. The fangirl within me is wide awake and she is totally enjoying all of the suprisingly good-natured ribbing and campaigning for all the brackets. But I'm here for one thing and one thing only. To ask anyone who hasn't voted yet (except sweet_ali!) to:

Before 1:00 PM!

I thank you.

100 movies in 2009

Quick math - at 58 movies and 2009 ending in 3 days - it is safe to say I FAILED this year. And not just a little bit but EPICALLY on a massive, huge scale. At least last year I was only missing about 5 movies or something. I will conquer this in 2010. I WILL DO IT, BY GOD!!

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First, thank you for thinking of me and giving me a cute little snowflake :) It was a nice thing to wake up to. Also, nice to get them before I discuss "Mattress" because I'm sure I'll be defriended. ;)

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I'm so sick. And I can feel myself getting cloggier and grosser as the day goes on. I should go home because I have big event on Wednesday that I need to prep for tomorrow.

wedding part 15: favorites

I am totally bummed out today so in an effort to put me into some kind of an okay mood, here's the FINAL picspam of the wedding. This took longer than the actual event ;)

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Thank you for clicking through, leaving comments, and putting up with the umpteen posts! You are awesome.

wedding part 14: the details

Here's all the little things...

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Just one more! My favorites that didn't really fit anywhere else :)

wedding part 13: my hubby, the rock star

When we hired Tom, Dave immediately asked if it would be possible for him to play during the wedding and Tom thought that would be cool. So for almost a year they had lessons on any given Monday (Dave's been playing since he was 12 but Tom really helped progress him, I think). Dave picked Van Halen's version of The Kink's "You Really Got Me" (playing the EVH part with Tom singing). For 9 months, all I heard was the opener which was SUPER FUN! and so when the time came, I was incredibly impressed by what he learned and how well he did it. Tim took a video of it but apparently his wife is holding it hostage or something. We'll have to figure something out because I know it's killing him not to see it. All these photos and he's like ooh, there's me playing the guitar! Let's study it! ;)

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We're getting to the end! Many of you are saying "thank goodness!" But hey, I'm posting.

Next...the details.

wedding part 12: the dances

There were still some things that we did traditionally - we may not have made huge announcements and had a lot of fanfare over them - but it was important (to me) to have the dances because I think they're sweet. Plus, I couldn't imagine not dancing with my Grampa.

Dave & Elaine danced to The Beatles "In My Life" (I did not force it, I swear! They picked it! But it sure did make me happy.)

Picking a song for me and my grandfather proved hard at first until I realized I had the perfect song on my playlist - a duet of "Bridge Over Trouble Water" by Johnny Cash (his favorite) and Fiona Apple (my favorite). Perfect. And it'll make us cry! Double score. If you've never heard it, I'll upload it. It's amazing.

My mom picked a song from Mamma Mia! A movie we went to see which she HATED and caused a huge fight but she later watched and loved and wanted to dance to "Slipping Through My Fingers" because she thought the lyrics reflected us. I don't disagree. But I wish she had come to that realization after the movie becuase oh god that fight was super annoying!

Our last slow song was Ray LaMontagne's "You are the Best Thing" (sorry Everlong voters!). Honestly, at that point it could have been any song, I was so tired, I wasn't really paying much attention but I'm happy with the choice.

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Next - my hubby, the rock star!